CCSD: Supporting Science & Research

Here at CCSD we always strive to provide the latest and greatest in treatment options and knowledge for our patients. Both Dr. Carolyn Jacob and Brittany Rank, PA-C were key investigators in the clinical research for Emsculpt body contouring, making us one of the most familiar with the device and best able to provide optimal outcomes for patients. More recently Dr. Omer Ibrahim was published in Dermatologic Surgery magazine on the topic of injectable filler nodules and their implications in clinical practice. Although rare, if a nodule or inflammation does occur, our expert physicians are able to provide safe and swift resolution using their years of research and experience. In the coming months, Dr. Jacob and Dr. Ibrahim will also be participating in an FDA clinical trial regarding an investigational medication for treating cellulite. Exciting stuff! Well done CCSD movers and shakers – why choose good, when you can have great!?

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