Facing the New Year with a Smile, Healthy & Happy!

We hope all patients, friends and followers of CCSD have had a festive and relaxing holiday season.  As we move into the new year with an invigorated and renewed desire to look and feel our best, our thoughts often turn to health and appearance. Start your year right, supporting peace of mind and body, with a top-to-toe mole check courtesy of our certified Physician Assistants, Whitney Conen and Brittany Rank. If good skin health doesn’t put the pep in your step maybe some buffing and pampering with estheticians Lizz Malave and Meaghan Dare will? You won’t find a better duo for delivering bright and beautiful radiance. If your concerns are a little more focused on this frown line and furrow, or those pesky brown spots, schedule appointment with cosmetic gurus, Dr. Lauren Fine, Dr. Omer Ibrahim, Dr. Rachel Pritzker and Dr. Carolyn Jacob. As board-certified, fellowship trained cosmetic and laser providers,  you couldn’t be in safer or more understanding hands. You, on your best day, everyday for 2018!