Get to know… Angela “Angie” Nesci, LE

Get to know Angela "Angie" Nesci Licensed Esthetician


Angela “Angie” Nesci, LE,  joined CCSD as an experienced Licensed Esthetician and is also the coordinator of our esthetic department. Angie has worked in the specialty field of Dermatology since 2007, after certifying as a Medical Assistant in 2006. With a passion for skin health, and a desire to do more to help people look and feel their best, she graduated from The Aveda Institute as a Licensed Esthetician in 2011. Prior to joining CCSD, Angie practiced expert medical esthetics under the umbrella of Northwestern Medicine for over 10 years!

Let’s get to know Angela “Angie” Nesci, LE more!

Question: Besides having a passion for skin/skincare what are other things that interest you?

Angie: I love working out/lifting weights first thing in the morning; it helps me clear my mind and set intentions for my day. 

Q: Who or what inspired you to get into skincare?

A: I’ve never had clear skin, I had acne as an adolescent (and still as an adult) but being educated on proper skincare and ways to improve my skin health was a confidence booster in my life. I wanted to be able to give that to other people. 

Q: What’s your golden skincare rule that you tell your patients to always follow?

A: Less is more, using more products does not equal better skin. Consistency is key. 

Q: What’s the worst skincare trend you’ve seen/heard of and what’s an alternative to the trend?

A: DIY skincare masks and creams! Natural/household ingredients are great but blending them yourself can cause more harm than good. Patients should see an esthetician or dermatologist for a consultation to discuss products that are suitable for their skincare needs and skin type. 

Q: If you weren’t a Licensed Esthetician what career do you see yourself having?

A: There is always a part in an EPIC movie scene where the background music kicks in….. I want to be the person who puts the music there.


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