June is Acne Awareness Month!

As a Dermatology office, our providers and staff are committed to helping patients treat the most common skin condition, acne. It can affect people of any age, gender or skin color. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ treatment for acne, but your CCSD Dermatologist or Certified Physician Assistant can help guide you through all the options available. If you’ve been putting off treating your acne, then this is the month for you! Save $50 on our Deep Pore Cleanse in June with one of our Licensed Estheticians. It is an exfoliating microdermabrasion treatment that softens clogged pores and blackheads with 5% Salicylic Acid and customized extractions. If you’re suffering from acne scarring, our $250 OFF each Bellafill Syringe special is just for you! Bellafill fades acne scars instantly and can last up to one year!

Be sure to call or text our office to schedule your acne treatment today at 312.245.9965!