NEW at CCSD: Emsculpt Body Contouring

We are proud to announce that we are one of 11 centers across the US to offer Emsculpt body contouring treatments. Emsculpt is a form of electromagnetic therapy used to stimulate neuromuscular tissue and improve muscle tone to the abdomen and buttock areas. Suitable for both men and women with a healthy weight, patients will need a course of 4 treatments; 2 per week for 2 weeks.  At 3 months thereafter, patients should get monthly treatments to maintain their result. Current data has shown that Emsculpt can decrease separation of the abdominal muscles post-pregnancy (also known as rectus diastasis) by 11%, decrease fat by 19% and increase abdominal muscle mass by 16% thus improving tone. Treatments take 30 min for an abdomen and 1 hour to buttocks with one of our highly trained Physician Assistants.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today ($50 value) to see how you can get gym-like results with Emsculpt!