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A Revolutionary new treatment for cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.

Avéli is now the GOLD STANDARD in cellulite reduction.

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology is one of the FIRST & ONLY practices in the country to offer the Avéli cellulite treatment.

The treatment of cellulite is multifactorial.  Factors that can be treated are the skin, the fat, and the septa bands.

The septa (bands), which pull down from the skin to the muscle is the main contributing factor to cellulite.

Although we have effective devices and treatments to address these factors, such as ResonicQwo, and Emtone, the gold standard treatment of cellulite is subcision. Subcision involves the physical cutting of the septa bands.

What is Avéli?

Avéli is a brand new, one time in office subcision procedure.

What makes Avéli different from other subcision devices, is that it allows for the provider target specific problem septa, then test and verify that the septa have been released by pulling the tissue, before moving on, as these bands can often be stubborn.

The Procedure

The treatment area is marked out, local lidocaine is applied to numb it, then one of our Board-certified Dermatologists painlessly utilizes the Aveli hand-piece which is a small wand with a retractable blade, inserting it beneath the skin and physically cutting the septa bands one by one, that pull down on the skin’s surface, which, again, is the main contributing factor to cellulite.

What to Expect After

Post-procedure bruising is usually mild to moderate, and can last anywhere between one to four weeks. There may be tenderness to pressure  when sitting down, but nothing that Tylenol or ibuprofen won’t take care of. Most patients return to normal daily activities within 48 to 72 hours. Exercise is permitted afterwards, but only light to moderate exercise the first couple of days. Full results can be seen about a month post treatment.

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