Tips for Coping with the Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that results in the buildup of skin cells over time, creating dry, red patches of skin that can cause discomfort. Although there is no cure for psoriasis, your dermatologist can help you control your symptoms for maximum comfort and healthier skin.

What Are the Symptoms of Psoriasis?

The symptoms of psoriasis may vary in type and severity from person to person, and they may go into remission and return many times over the course of your life. In general, the symptoms of this dermatological condition include the formation of silvery scales and red patches of skin. These patches may become dry, itchy, and cracked, or even bleed, and may be accompanied by feelings of burning or soreness. Psoriasis can cause thickening of the finger- and toenails, causing them to become ridged or pitted. This condition may also affect the joints of your body, resulting in soreness and stiffness.

Stacy London suffers from psorasis.
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There are a number of easy steps you can take to minimize the impact of psoriasis symptoms. Keep your body clean by bathing with sea salt and bath oil daily to remove dead skin cells. Avoid hot water and harsh soaps, however, and limit your exposure to the sun. Talk to your dermatologist about moisturizers and medicated creams for your skin type, and apply these after a bath when your skin is still soft. Apply moisturizer and wrap the affected area with plastic wrap while you sleep; in the morning, wash the area thoroughly to help remove scaling. Other lifestyle changes you may want to consider include eating a healthy diet and avoiding stress, alcohol, and any triggers that worsen your psoriasis symptoms.

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