What Should You Expect at a Microblading Consultation?

What Should You Expect at a Microblading Consultation?

A consultation is a very important aspect of a microblading procedure – actually a consultation is vital with ANY treatment. Think about it…when someone goes to a salon to get their hair done by a new stylist, the first thing the hairstylist will do is chit chat with the client about what he or she is hoping to achieve from the appointment. I approach a new microblading patient consultation the same way!

What is discussed during a microblading consultation?

The purpose of a microblading consultation is to have an open dialogue with my patient in a professional manner about the process, along with any concerns or beauty needs. Most patients are either interested and want to learn more about microblading, or are not too familiar with the service but are intrigued to find out more. It’s my job and goal as the provider to make them comfortable and educate in a positive, warm environment.

During a microblading consultation, I’ll start with explaining the details of a microblading procedure, while learning more about my patient and their desired goals – in regards to skin type, eyebrow shape, hair color, and stroke pattern. This way I can understand more about them and finalize the treatment plan of action.

The goal of our microblading consultation

By learning more about my patient during a consultation, I am able to gage if they are an ideal candidate for microblading. Those who are not a good fit for microblading may include patients who are: under the age of 18; pregnant or nursing; skin conditions like rosacea; currently under chemo treatment or radiation; immunocompromised; taking medications such as blood thinners and Accutane. Certain treatments such as Botox, filler, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, glycolics, AHA products, Retin-A, brow or lash serums may also need to be discontinued 2 weeks before the initial microblading appointment. Lastly, it is crucial to cover pre-care and post-care with my patients during a consultation so they get the best outcome possible!

I believe a consultation should be a fun and interactive process! So it is key for you, the patient, to ask any questions you may have to feel comfortable, excited, and ready to move forward with scheduling your first microblading appointment with me! – Anna Tassi.