COMING SOON! ‘CellFX’ Nano Pulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) technology treatment

The new CellFX procedure is approved to clear common skin conditions, such as spots, bumps or growths – that are known as benign lesions. Most common lesions are made up of abnormal cells. What the CellFX procedure does is clear the cells of a lesion, which is the root of where the problem resides. It’s unique in that it “clears the bad” and “preserves the good”, meaning the cells that cause the problem are cleared and the healthy skin tissue, which is primarily made up of collagen, remains unharmed. This helps to prevent unnecessary damage to your skin and helps to minimize the risk of scarring. The CellFX procedure uses an innovative technology that  uniquely works deep at the cellular level where the skin  problem resides. The technology uses ultrafast electrical  energy pulses to alter the cells that cause lesions.

The science behind the CellFX procedure is called Nano Pulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) technology. NPS technology is  based on a non-thermal energy, which means it does not generate heat or cold. If this treatment sounds like something you need, please contact our Research Department at and they can set you up with an appointment!