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Dr. Carolyn Jacob in Modern Luxury
Psoriasis: Types and Symptom w/ Dr. Oz
Dr. Jacob weighs in on what would happen if you didn't shower for a year?
Dr. Carolyn Jacob - Humira AD
Dr. Ibrahim discussing hair loss on The Jam.
Dr. Fine explains Chicagoan's get sticker shock over prescription prices, look for ways to save.
Dr. Fine Shares 7 Tips for Soothing Dry Skin
Dr. Jacob talks about the dangers of phytophotodermatitis, or margarita rash
Dr. Jacob shares skin cancer prevention tips on Fox 32 Chicago
Mom Genes - Windy City Live w/ Dr. Carolyn Jacob
Dr. Ibrahim discuses sweat-proof makeup
How Bad is it to take a Really Hot Shower?
Want to shake off winter? Dermatologist and hair loss expert Dr. Omer Ibrahim was here with some tips to help men look their best for spring.
Meet a Hair Loss Expert: 6 Questions with Dr. Carolyn Jacob, Founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology
Today: Dry Brushing feat. Dr. Carolyn Jacob
WBEZ with Dr. Carolyn Jacob
Dr. Jacob chats about the latest trends in body skincare procedures
Dr. Jacob demos Emsculpt on Fox32 news
Dr. Lauren Fine from Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology breaks down helpful tips and products to assist in keeping your skin moisturized in the tough winter months.