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    Questions? We can help!

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is dermatology the same as plastic surgery?

    Primary differences between dermatology and facial plastic surgery include training, ability to perform surgical procedures, type of board certification, superior knowledge of facial anatomy, and scar minimization expertise.

    While dermatology is the medical study of the skin, cosmetic dermatology is a subspecialty that focuses on the aesthetic purposes of dermatology. This practice helps improve the skin, hair, and nails for cosmetic reasons rather than just for your health.

    Clinical dermatology is used to treat ailments that affect the skin’s health and appearance, whereas cosmetic dermatology is used to mitigate signs of aging.

    Cosmetic dermatology is essential as it allows patients to reclaim their skin, their self-esteem, and their confidence. Helping people realize their ideal image of beauty can give them a boost in mental health.

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