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VISIA Skin Analysis

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VISIA imaging complexion analysis by Canfield Scientific system captures multi-spectral photos of the face, and provides an in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics.

What is a VISIA skin analysis?

These measures are an indirect but objective measure of your skin’s health and appearance. By analyzing multiple factors of the skin, it assists in providing additional objective information to guide your skin care regime.

It visually shows key information for six areas effecting complexion health and appearance;

  • Wrinkles
  • Spots
  • Pores
  • Texture
  • Porphyrins reflecting the amount of c. acnes bacteria in pores
  • UV spots (caused by sun damage)

Additionally, VISIA provides informative comparison of your complexion’s characteristics to other patients of the same sex, age and skin type.

VISIA Skin Analysis at CCSD

Objective Scores:
A percentile score compares that factor on the skin to the general population at your age. It is desirable to have your skin score at a higher number. The higher the percentage the better your skin health!

Wrinkles: The analysis of wrinkles measures your fine feathery lines and more etched permanent lines.

Spots: The analysis of spots measures blotchy, sun-induced brown spots (lentigos, melasma, “age/liver spots”) as well as areas of superficial flushing or blood vessel spots (angiomas and telangiectasias).

Enlarged Pores: The analysis of enlarges pores observes the tone of your pores, often caused by hereditary, environmental factors and sun exposure.

Texture: The analysis of texture provides an indicator for the collagen, elastic tissue and natural exfoliative processes by the patient’s skin. It measures dry, inflamed and rough skin, also those with an uneven skin tone.

Porphyrins: The analysis of porphyrins are an indirect measure of bacterial activity on the surface of the skin. Although bacteria are also normally found, numerous scientific studies have shown that lowering the specific bacterial count reduces inflammation and breakouts, especially pertaining to the conditions of acne and rosacea.

UV Spots: The analysis of UV spots shows us the amount of ultraviolet (UV) sun damage, also called solar elastosis. Sun damage is the leading contributor to roughened skin texture and uneven tone, not to mention skin cancer. This indicator shows the cumulative damage of the sun exposure from one’s life-time UV exposure thus far. The lower your number, the less roughened and damaged your skin is and the less risk you have for potentially developing skin cancer.

The VISIA imaging system helps your CCSD provider develop a targeted treatment program, communicate more effectively and track improved outcomes with greater accuracy. This makes it possible to design rejuvenation and skin care regimens for specific patient needs. Combined with a full assessment by one of CCSD’s highly trained providers, the VISIA provides a full dermal analysis to help devise the best treatment plan for you.

To determine if you would benefit from VISIA complexion analysis please call 312-245-9965 to schedule a consultation at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.

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