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Sculptra Aesthetic (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue—for results that can last more than two years.

What is Sculptra Aesthetic?​

It works gradually, over 3-4 treatments, to replace collagen that is lost naturally during the aging process. Sculptra Aesthetic can help treat volume lossskin laxitywrinkles, and so much more!

How does Sculptra Aesthetic work?

As a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator, Sculptra Aesthetic helps restore the deep, underlying structure of the skin to diminish facial wrinkles. Poly-L-lactic acid is a biocompatible, biodegradable, synthetic material. As the PLLA microparticles are absorbed, they help stimulate collagen production. Rebuilt collagen strands begin gradually helping to restore facial volume and the look of fullness to wrinkles and folds.

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How many treatments are required?

Although it varies based on area and patient goals, most Sculptra Aesthetic treatment regimens are 4 injection sessions that are scheduled about 4-6 weeks apart.

Sculptra Aesthetic is designed to give you noticeable results that emerge gradually and can last more than two years. Most patients see improvement after a few months and start seeing full results after completing the full course of treatments (after 4-5 months).

Sculptra Aesthetic is FDA approved in the United States and has been used worldwide since 1999. Sculptra Aesthetic is made of a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid that is absorbed naturally by the body. Most patients only experience injection site tenderness, bruising or swelling initially after treatment, which will dissipate after a few days. Post-treatment healing can be increased with Alastin’s INhance Post-Injection Serum!

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