Hair Loss

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Scalp hair grows about half an inch per month and sheds about 100 hairs a day. Over 80 million men and women in America experience hair loss, whether the cause is genetic, medical, or environmental. If you’re noticing a significant increase with your hair shedding, it may be time to see a CCSD Dermatologist to determine if you’re experiencing hair loss and create a customized treatment plan.

What is the cause for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is seen in over 80 million men and women in America. The reason people experience hair shedding or thinning can be attributed to many external & internal factors such as: genetics, environmental stress, or medical reasons. It sometimes takes months before you notice the loss, and treatment will take 3-6 months to start to notice a difference, based on the growth of hair.

If you’re noticing a significant increase with your hair shedding or thinning, it is time to see a CCSD Board Certified Dermatologist or dermatology Physician Assistant to determine the cause, and create a customized treatment plan.

CCSD treats hair loss in a variety of way that include topicals, oral prescriptions, hair growth supplements, and Stimulating Hair/ Scalp Products available at Chicago Skin Science.

A cosmetic procedure we offer for hair loss is Platelet-Rich Plasma ‘PRP’ Treatments”

How PRP is performed starts with drawing blood in our office, then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells.. Once the plasma is separated, it is then injected into the scalp where hair restoration is needed. There is no down-time. Some people experience temporary discomfort or redness that quickly resolves. Price and number of treatments vary based on each individual and will be given during your consultation.

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Dr. Ibrahim is AMAZING. He has such a wonderful ‘bed side manner’ and his experience is multifaceted. I go to him for both regular skin concerns and cosmetic reasons and he has been able to help with every issue I have! He is by far the best dermatologist I have been to and I recommend him 100%

— Maddy V.


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