CCSD offers a wide variety of skin rejuvenation, body contouring, muscle toning, reduction of sweat, and cellulite treatments based on your personal needs and goals.

Using specific lasers, many skin conditions can be improved or removed including dilated blood vessels, brown sun-spots, wrinkles, scars, acne and dark hair. At CCSD we offer state of the art laser treatments, to best suit your needs. 

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Body contouring can be performed on patients of all skin types and sizes. Coolsculpting Elite, and Emsculpt NEO reduce unwanted fat, while Emsculpt NEO strengthens muscles and better-defines abs, arms, calves, and buttocks,  Thermage FLX radiofrequency can help improve skin tightening, while EMFACE radiofrequency plus synchronized High Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation can help lift the facial skin, tone the muscles and decrease wrinkles. 

Cellulite appears as dimples on the skin, most often in women. They are due to fibrous bands which pull down the skin while fat is allowed to bulge upwards, causing the mattress-like appearance. At CCSD we have many treatments to improve the appearance of Cellulite, such as EmTone Radiofrequency plus Targeted pressure energy, Resonic, using high frequency sound, and Aveli, to surgically reduce the fibrous bands. Ask your provider which one is right for you!

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