Earlobe Repair

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Torn or elongated earlobes can be repaired with a simple surgery to not only fix the earlobe, but also to strengthen it.

For a fully torn earlobe, the surgery is called a Cross-over earlobe repair ,and is the most complete way to repair a fully torn earlobe. For a partially torn earlobe, patients may be candidates for a side-to-side repair, where the elongation is removed and stitches are placed to close the area.  In both treatments, stitches stay in for one week, then are removed by our staff.  Patients will have a small scar that lightens over time. Ask our board-certified physicians about earlobe repair today. We also re-pierce the earlobes for our patients who desire re-piercing.  Drs. Jacob, Fine and Christopoulos are all experts in earlobe repair and would love to consult with you.

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