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Exion is the ultimate face and body skin solution - featuring four applicators to treat multiple concerns like skin laxity, acne scars, increase HA and collagen production and even reduce pockets of fat on the body!

EXION In Chicago

EXION is a new device featuring four applicators designed for aesthetic treatments including:

  • Fractional RF Micro-Needling applicator
  • Non-invasive dual energy (monopolar radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound) face and body applicator
  • EMFEMME 360 applicator for women intimate health

Want to experience the MANY benefits of EXION? Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology is one of the first providers of the EXION treatment in our Chicago office. Call 312-245-9965 today to schedule your consultation!

What Is The EXION Treatment?

EXION’S Fractional RF Micro-Needling Applicator combines monopolar radiofrequency (RF) and Artificial Intelligence for heating and coagulation of deep tissues. It’s treats deeper than other microneedling devices, going up to 8 mm deep! It reduces discomfort while maximizing results with a single-pass.

EXION non-invasive Face and Body Applicator generates thermal stress through radiofrequency and ultrasound energies, which increase blood circulation and stimulate fibroblasts within the deep layers of dermis.

EMFEMME 360 is the quickest radiofrequency (RF) non-invasive treatment to address a wide range of women’s wellness concerns.

What Are The Benefits of EXION?

With EXION Radiofrequency Micro-Needling, patients can achieve significant improvements in skin texture, scars, pores and wrinkles, often without the usual discomfort of deep tissue treatments, and with little to no downtime.
EXION Face treatments increase collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production by up to 224% for improved skin tightening and hydration. This helps to plump and rejuvenate the skin, causing it to look firmer, healthier and more youthful.
EXION Body targets deposits of stubborn fat, reduces cellulite, improve skin elasticity and rejuvenates the skin on the body. EMFEMME 360 is a quick and comfortable treatment which homogenously delivers volumetric heating throughout the treated area, which provides a temporary increase in local circulation, temporary relief of pain and muscle spasms.

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The sooner you book your EXION consultation at Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, the faster you’ll experience all the skin loving benefits it provides!

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