Mohs Surgeon in Chicago, IL: Surgery and Closure

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Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology offers Mohs micrographic surgery, a precise way to treat skin cancer with minimal scarring. Our skilled Mohs surgeon, Dr. Solomyia Grushchak, is here to help.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Dr. Frederick Mohs pioneered Mohs micrographic surgery, a highly effective method of treating skin cancer. It has a remarkable 98% success rate. Dr. Grushchak carefully removes small layers of tissue during this procedure. She maps them to find and remove all cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue.

Because the treatment is so precise, it can be used on almost any part of your body. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Arms
  • Eyelids
  • Fingers
  • Genitals
  • Legs
  • Lips
  • Nose
  • Scalp
  • Toes

How Long Does Mohs Surgery Take?

The time Mohs surgery takes can vary depending on the case, but it usually takes a few hours. This thorough approach ensures that all cancer cells are removed while preserving healthy tissue.

How to Prepare for Mohs Surgery

Proper preparation is essential for a successful Mohs surgery. Dr. Grushchak and our team will give you specific instructions. You should arrange for a ride home, follow any pre-surgery guidance, and ask about any necessary medication changes.

Diagram showing what to expect during Mohs Surgery.

What to Expect During Mohs Surgery

You’ll receive Mohs surgery in a clean, private, and safe environment at our clinic. Dr. Grushchak will use local anesthesia for your comfort and safety during the surgery. Mohs surgery involves removing visible cancerous tissue and careful layer-by-layer examination. Be prepared to spend a few hours with us for this meticulous process.

Mohs Closures

After removing the cancerous tissue, Dr. Grushchak uses precise closure techniques to minimize scarring. The small surgical margin of just one millimeter naturally leads to less scarring. Dr. Grushchak herself handles 99% of Mohs closures immediately after surgery to ensure the best cosmetic results.

Recovery After Mohs Surgery

Whether the stitches used for your closure are dissolving or non-dissolving, you should limit strenuous activity to promote good wound healing and minimize scarring (limit exercise and sports). Limit alcohol and smoking at least 4 days before and 4 days after your Mohs surgery to help reduce bruising and swelling in the area.

Meet Dr. Grushchak – Moh’s Surgeon!

Top Cancer Doctor

Dr. Solomyia Grushchak is a board-certified dermatologist with special training in Mohs micrographic and reconstructive surgery. She is also a member of the American College of Mohs Surgery. Dr. Grushchak’s expertise is well-known, with multiple publications and presentations on Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Dr. Grushchak is dedicated to providing excellent medical and aesthetic results for her patients. Additionally, she also sees general dermatology and cosmetic patients at CCSD once a month.

If you’re looking for Mohs dermatology in Chicago, call us today to schedule your appointment. Our caring staff is here to support you throughout your journey to healthier skin.

Questions? We can help!

How is Mohs surgery different from other skin cancer removal methods?

Mohs surgery differs from other methods like excision or radiation therapy in its precision. During Mohs surgery, the surgeon can examine the tissue margins in real-time, ensuring the complete removal of cancer while preserving healthy tissue. This makes it an ideal choice for cancers located in cosmetically sensitive areas or with ill-defined borders.

Mohs surgery is most commonly used for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, which are two of the most common types of skin cancer. It's particularly effective for skin cancers with unclear margins, aggressive growth patterns, or those located in critical areas like the face. However, it may not be the first choice for melanoma, as other treatment options are often preferred for this more aggressive form of skin cancer.

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