Laser Hair Removal

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State of the art, permanent hair reduction for men and women can be achieved with a flash of light. All areas of the body can be treated including underarms, bikinis, legs, arms, back, chest, neck and facial hair.

At CCSD we have multiple devices to ensure your hair removal treatment is the perfect one for your type of hair and shade of skin. The GentleLase Alexandrite and ExcelV Nd:YAG provide great results in 5-7 treatments. Dr. Jacob and her associates have performed thousands of hair removal procedures on men and women since 1999. Let us save you 40 hours a year by not having to shave!

Does the laser treat blonde hairs?

Unfortunately no laser can effectively treat blond hairs. Laser hair removal requires color in the hair shaft to absorb the light energy.

Will the treatment hurt?

Our medical staff will prescribe a pre-treatment anesthetic cream to make your experiences as comfortable as possible.

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