Customized Esthetician Services – We know how to glow

The key to providing you customized skin treatments lies in understanding your skin type and health. Lucky for our patients, this is what we do best! While the skin is a formidable organ by itself, its physiology connects with the rest of the body. During your consultation, it is important you disclose any information about current medications, conditions, current lifestyle choices and details about your skin care regimen to our experienced estheticians. Our trained estheticians use this information, along with a unique camera to look at skin redness and brown spots to map a picture of where you currently are, and plan for improvement. They use highly customized treatments, including peels, masks, microdermabrasion, light therapy and extractions that only medical offices can provide,  not “over-the-counter” procedures. In order to protect your skin and bring out that inner glow we need to treat the complete patient, not just the immediate problem. CCSD respects the differences in all skin types, because we are all so unique. Call 312-245-9965 today to schedule your highly specialized esthetician service with our dream team: Meaghan, Lizz or Angela. They look forward to taking care of you!

Customized Esthetician Services - We know how to glow