Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

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Non-surgical nose reshaping is a medical procedure in which injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid are used to alter and shape a person’s nose without invasive surgery.

What is non-surgical nose reshaping?

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping at CCSD

Dr. Omer Ibrahim gave this patient a non-invasive rhinoplasty with Juvederm Voluma giving her the sharper nose profile, slimmer appearing nose, more defined tip, and most importantly, the higher nose bridge she wanted to wear glasses more comfortably.

Client Reviews

Thank you to the friendly staff at CCSD for always making my visits pleasant and efficient! An even bigger thank you to Dr. Jacob for the phenomenal job she did all but erasing a scar on my face from skin cancer, and the amazing job she always does defying Mother Nature keeping my face looking young and alert!

— Christopher

Dr. Ibrahim is AMAZING. He has such a wonderful “bed side manner” and his experience is multifaceted. I go to him for both regular skin concerns and cosmetic reasons and he has been able to help with every issue I have! He is by far the best dermatologist I have been to and I recommend him 100%!

— Maddy

Loved results..and my daughter had microdermabrasion and beautiful results..they r so professional and very organized..appointment times right on waiting. I would say this is the best place in Chicago..for any needs of the face. They are the experts..

— Rosalina

What a great experience! I love this office, every time I come everyone has a great smile, and the office is always bright and clean. Dr. Pritzker is awesome, she is so fast and efficient and knows exactly how to combat those pesky wrinkles.

— Valarie


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