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NEW! FDA-approved cellulite injectable, QWO

NEW! FDA-approved cellulite injectable, QWO It’s here! Qwo is a new revolutionary non-surgical injectable treatment for cellulite, and we’re excited to offer it to our patients! Qwo uses an enzyme to break down fibrous bands that hold the skin down into a dimple position, thus releasing it and a...
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Chicago Dermatology miraDry Week

miraDry Week: March 15th – 19th, 2021

miraDry Week: March 15th – 19th, 2021 Sweat Less, Live More! Join us the week of March 15th for a virtual or in-person complimentary consultation with our Certified Physician Assistants. Be on the lookout for a video lecture from Dr. Carolyn Jacob on March 15th discussing the benefits of the m...
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NEW Chicago Skin Science app is here!

Chicago Skin Science: What’s new? Our NEW Chicago Skin Science app is here! It’s available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google play store. We created this app to make it even easier for you to order your favorite CSS skin care and beauty products! However, don’t forget that y...
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World Cancer Day – Thursday, February 4th

World Cancer Day – Thursday, February 4th We understand that being diagnosed with any type of cancer is frightening and overwhelming. Which is why we want to stress the importance of getting checked yearly, know your family’s history and be proactive. The skin is the largest organ of your bo...
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A Conversation with Dr. Lauren Fine

“Ask My Derm” with Dr. Lauren Fine Q: When should I schedule my cosmetic consultation? Is there a certain age I should start looking into wrinkle treatments? Dr. Fine: There is really no one or right answer to this question. Skin type, genetics, sun exposure, and other environmental fact...
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You’re Engaged, Congratulations! What’s Next?

Weddings looked a bit different in 2020, and hopefully 2021 will get us all back to normal! BUT, first thing’s first – congratulations to everyone that is newly engaged! To help make planning for your big day easier, CCSD has created a 12-month checklist to get your skin glowing and ready in...
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