Fire & Ice Event: January 25th 2018

Join us on January 25th for our second annual Fire and Ice event. RSVP today for this appointment based event to learn more information about miraDry, the permanent solution for underarm sweat, odor and hair reduction. If you suffer from excessive underarm sweat (also called hyperhidrosis) or just want to ditch chemical antiperspirant in 2018, this is the treatment for you! We will also be showcasing  CoolSculpting, a non-surgical option for fat reduction to the abdomen, love handles, thighs, braline, back and arms, Coolmini, for non-surgical fat reduction for a double chin. And the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Peel for intensive exfoliation. There will be exciting live demonstrations, free consultations, refreshments and event-only specials for miraDry, Coolsculpting, Coolmini and the Fire & Ice Peel. If you want to reduce underarm sweating and eliminate stubborn fat, it’s crucial to remember, all summer bodies are made in winter! Free consultations will be limited, so call 312-245-9965 today to learn more, or sign up on our website here.