An Esthetician’s inside point of view | Fine Line Eraser

Fine Line Eraser!

HyalisSo, I’m sure everyone has heard about growth factors in skincare products entering the market lately. Well, when I was introduced to the newest eye cream from Neocutis called Lumiere I was curious to see how this product was different. After just two weeks of using this product twice daily, I was sold. I noticed a significant difference in existing fine lines as well as tightening of the skin.

This amazing eye cream contains 30% more PSP (processed skin cell proteins) than other products that Neocutis manufactures. This makes for faster results! This eye cream also contains anti-oxidants, caffeine and Hyaluronic acid to help firm and hydrate. This helps with stressed, puffy skin and reduces dark circles over time.

Use twice daily for optimal results. Retail $80.

Julie Blecker, Esthetician