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The natural aging process, genetics, or other factors can cause drooping eyebrows and forehead furrows that create a tired or unhappy appearance.

What is a Brow lift?

A brow lift procedure can restore a fresher, youthful appearance by uplifting the eyebrows and smoothing forehead furrows. The delicate skin of the eyes is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. For this reason, Niki Christopoulos MD, FACS sometimes pairs a blepharoplasty with a brow lift to improve an overall improvement to the forehead and eye area.

Am I a good candidate for a Brow Lift Procedure?

Ideal candidates for a brow lift are patients who wish to correct:

  • Deep horizontal forehead lines
  • Drooping or sagging eyebrows that creates upper eyelid hooding
  • Wrinkles, or creases, that occur between the eyebrows

Dr. Niki Christopoulos’ Approach to a Brow Lift Procedure

A traditional or open brow lift involves a coronal incision beginning at ear level and going up across the top of the head to reduce scar visibility. For patients with a higher hairline, the incision is made at the edge of the hairline to avoid creating a longer forehead.  The forehead is lifted, muscles repositioned, excess skin trimmed and Dr. Christopoulos will close the incision.

An endoscopic surgery is a less invasive brow lift which several small incisions are made at the hairline through which the brows are elevated and repositioned to a higher position while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

A temporal or limited incision brow lift involves slightly longer incisions than an endoscopic brow lift and is most commonly performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery. Incisions about one inch long are made just above each temple, behind the hairline.

Dr. Christopoulos is a double-board certified plastic surgeon and performs her surgeries in a fully accredited outpatient surgical facility. Anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist using either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for your comfort and safety during the procedure. The procedure can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on which procedure, or combination of procedures you are having performed.

Brow Lift Recovery and Results

Dr. Christopoulos is very involved in her patients’ recovery process. While recovery varies with the patient and procedure performed, it is normal to have swelling, bruising and soreness in the forehead and scalp area. In general, the swelling and bruising will reduce greatly over the first few days and should be almost completely gone in two weeks. Stitches will be removed 5-10 days after the procedure and full results from the brow lift will become more apparent as bruising and swelling subsides to reveal a more beautiful you!

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