Plastic Surgery for the Face, Body and Eyes

Ever thought about the possibility of a cosmetic surgical procedure,
but not sure when the best time for you may be? The fall and colder months prove
to be one of the most popular times for our patients. If you are going to be
taking it easy and mainly indoors for a few days, winter often provides a
better opportunity to hibernate and recover. If you have been thinking about
having a procedure, this could be the perfect opportunity to have a
“staycation” and recover. For many, the holidays are the best part of the
winter season and the gift of rejuvenation makes an often life-changing gift. Schedule
an appointment alongside your Mom or best friend for moral support! After all
of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season brings, it’s great to give
yourself a little treat. If you are thinking of having a procedure or would
like to gift a friend or relative, call today or email for
more information to restore face and body with Dr.
Niki Christopoulos
, and revive eyes with Dr.
Kathleen Albrecht