Skin Tightening with Thermage FLX

Always on the forefront of technology, CCSD is proud to be the first Practice in Chicago to offer Thermage FLX, the latest iteration of the popular Thermage radiofrequency (RF) device for tissue tightening. Thermage FLX is 25% faster, more comfortable and more precise, using proprietary AccuREP™ technology, meaning patients are seeing better results, sooner. Radiofrequency energy heats deep into the dermis to re-elastify and remodel your existing collagen, while helping new collagen to grow. This improvement from within helps the skin surface to look smoother, tighter and naturally more youthful. It is effective and flexible enough to treat a wide age range of body areas including face, eyes, chin or neck, arms, knees and abdomen. Thermage FLX works in just one treatment with little-to-no downtime for results that are natural looking and long lasting! As Dr. Jacob says, “We can’t stop aging, but we can delay and manage it with maintenance”. If you are looking for non-surgical solution for skin tightening, schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more!