The Experts of NewBeauty

When it first hit stands, NewBeauty carved a unique niche as the only magazine dedicated to beauty. Since its inception, no other publication has done more to educate readers on how to make better beauty decisions. Created to fill a void where real and trusted beauty information was nearly impossible to find, NewBeauty has grown into a powerhouse publication offering cutting-edge tips, suggestions and solutions across a wide range of options. From the latest beauty products, treatments and cosmetic enhancement procedures to advancements in health, wellness, diet and fitness, NewBeauty remains THE trusted beauty source. As such, it’s really no surprise to find Dr. Christopoulos and Dr. Jacob and Dr. Pritzker among the leading experts they recommend! Why have average when you can have expert?

“I have wonderful patients who come to see me because they simply want to look like a better version of themselves.”
Niki Christopoulos, MD FACS